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About CP3's Websites

Over the years I have created a tangled mess of websites, some active, some inaccessible, or broken due to mergers and acquisitions of web service providers and hosts.

I have several service providers and hosts. My domain cp3.net is hosted at Pair.com. This is a UNIX based site with limited user programming flexibility in Perl.

My domain cp3nt.net is a Windows NT/2000 server hosted by Brinkster.com which permits use of asp and aspx programming to subscribers. This site allows me to use Visual Basic.Net to produce online web programs. I am currently working on getting my family genealogy online at this host.

Since I am a user of Comcast broadband services, I have a website at http://home.attbi.com/~cp313, formerly ATTBI, formerly @Home, Formerly Mediaone.. It's hard to keep up.

My wife Bess also has a site at http://home.attbi.com/~catlady641, which I am currently using for additional space.

I am starting to consolidate and revise everything to be more navigable and coherent. Please come back often to see what has changed.

On the right are some sites you may be intersted in if you want additional hosting space and if you want to purchase a domain name. Stargate offers domain names for $7.95 per year.

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