Welcome to the Home Page of the Kouckys

This site is a growing collection of photos and other memorabilia from some of my mother Lydia Koucky/Prazak's and Frank(Bud) Koucky's collection. If you have any other photos or information to include in this site please email them to me, and I will try to get them added.

This site was inspired by the photo my cousin Frank Koucky sent me with his last Christmas card. That photo is the first in the collection and is titled dinner1.

I also included some comments from my mother Lydia who still remembers when the pictures were taken.

I will also try to keep an up-to-date email list of Kouckys and interested relatives.

Recently, I received an emergency phone call from my cousin Jack Koucky. He was visiting his brother Bob Koucky in Connecticut and wanted to make potato dumplings but needed a recipe. I decided to add a recipe page to the site which can be reached by clicking on Recipes here or below. If you have any recipies you think the rest of us might enjoy please email them to me and I will add them to the site.




Grandma and Grandpa Koucky

Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Sebek

Rudolph Sebek

Sophie,Tom, and the Kids

3rd and 4th Generation 1

Grandma Koucky and Uncle Ed

3rd and 4th Generation 2

Thanksgiving 1948 at Uncle Joe's

Thanksgiving 1948 at Uncle Joe's

The New Farm ("The Whorehouse")

Fossil Hunting in Coal City (by Frank L. Koucky)


3/25/2000 Annual Dumpling Dunking

Lydia, Bud, Hellen Hawley, and Grandpa(1927)

3/3/2001 Casmir Pulaski Dumpling Dunk

Rudolph Koucky's Family History(written in the mid 1970s)

Walter Koucky's trip to the Czech Republic