Design Costs

Realizing that many of those interested in becoming website owners are operating on tight budgets. We offer several different payment options for designing and developing a website.

By The Page

For a basic page with frames, tables and links, the cost would be $50 per page. Images requiring conversion to digital form will be included at $10 each.^Back to Top

By The Hour

If you require some interactivity between the visitor and the page (which usually involves software purchase or development), costs would have to be calculated by the hour (with a not to exceed estimate). If cost effective software is available for purchase, this software would be provided at cost.^Back to Top

On Commission

If the sight is expected to produce increased sales or profits for a business, we would consider negotiating some sort of commission based on a percentage of the increase in sales or profits created by the website up to an agreed upon upper limit.^Back to Top